In accordance with the provisions of Section 89 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications, we hereby inform you that our website uses the so-called "electronic communications" website for its activities. Cookies.

These are short text files that the website stores on the visitor's computer and which is provided by an Internet browser every time the user returns to the page. The site uses cookies to identify and track visitors who use our website and to preselect it to access the website.

Standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support cookie management. Within the browser settings, you can manually delete, block or completely disable individual cookies, also block them or allow them only for individual websites.

For more detailed information, please use your browser's help. If your browser is allowed to use cookies, we will assume that you agree to the use of standard cookies by our server.

For what purpose do we use cookies?

Remembering your personal settings – Cookies make it easier for our website to navigate through the website and personalize the content you are viewing. They also allow you to remember the contents of your cart, log in or out, consent to alerts, etc.

Statistics – In order to improve the quality of our site, we collect anonymous traffic statistics to help us further develop our business. For registration, we use Google Analytics with a valid third party privacy supplement. This data cannot be associated with a specific person.

Ad serving – Cookies allow for better ad targeting for our users and visitors by personalizing their content so that the customer receives advertising for products or services that are relevant to them and have a potential interest in them in the past.

For this type of ads, we use the services listed below, where users are segmented based on common features. This data cannot be associated with a specific person.

How do I deactivate or delete cookies?

If you do not want to use cookies or delete their content that the website has stored about your visits to different websites and portals, you can use the instructions for each of the most frequently used browsers below: