Rosa & Jose

We have been teaching salsa for several years. We love what we do and we do it with love!

Salsa evolved from a mix of Afro-Cuban folklore and popular dance styles such as rumba, son, chachacha, mambo, yoruba (orishas), etc.
The style we teach at is called Casino or Cuban. It is a mix between salsa casino, rueda casino and timba with a touch of rumba.

We believe that the exchange of dance partners is what makes our dance skills what they are today. Our main goal is to create a "rueda" (salsa circle) with the students as soon as possible so that the dynamics of changing partners are natural, intuitive and fun for everyone. This will give our students a foundation that will help them improve both their level of social dancing and their ability to dance a "planned rueda" (figures called out by the lead dancer).

We accept Multisport cards (1 lesson per day - free).

Contact: +420 774 598 125