Janička & Pablo

Cuban salsa

Cuban salsa is a Latin-American pair dance, for this type of salsa are characterized by intricate hand movements, naturalness and spontaneousity.

Lecturers: Jana Vyležichová and Pablo Repilado Contact: vylezichova.j@gmail.com


From a young time, Jana competed in sports, gymnastics, water jumps. She worked as a ski instructor, swimming teacher, and thanks to her teaching studies at FTVS UK, she gained a wealth of experience in teaching movement. In 2004, she visited Cuba for the first time, where she met salsa, Cubans and their incredible temperament and sense of music and dance. Since then, she has started to go to Cuba regularly, studied Cuban dances in their undiluted form, took several courses in Cuban folklore and rumba, visited countless Cuban dance festivals, carnivals and matinée, danced salsa in the "streets of Cuba". Salsa and Cuban culture enchanted her so much that in 2005 she also began teaching salsa and together with Jana Tomášková (Czech Republic) and brothers Pablo and Angelo Repilado (Cuba) they also began performing Cuban dances (Grupo Repilado). Now Jana is mainly engaged in salsa (www.facebook.com/kubanskasalsapraha) courses, which she runs either alone or with Pablo Repilado (Cuba), grandson of the world-famous cuban music great Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo).