Conditions and recommendations for entry into Tresor Roller Rink (TRR)

We recommend the use of personal protective equipment during skating!

You enter the Tresor Roller Rink at your own risk and responsibility that you are medically and otherwise fit for the event.

All visitors must obey all signage and rules.

By entering, you agree that in the event of injury or any accident caused by the layout of the premises, objects or the actions of other skaters, the Tresor club will not be held liable.

Children under the age of 15 cannot be left unsupervised on the premises. A responsible adult must be present at all times and is fully responsible for their child's behaviour and actions.

Each participant must adjust his/her driving so as not to endanger other visitors.

Wearing protective equipment and wrist guards will greatly reduce the possibility of injury due to a fall.

TRR reserves the right to refuse entry and remove persons from the venue for any reason, including conduct that could cause damage, injury, danger to other visitors or for failure to comply with TRR's reasonable requests.

Walking is not allowed in the Roller Rink area, only on skates. In other restricted areas, participants can move without restrictions.

No food or drink is allowed on the premises of the Roller Rink.

All injuries and accidents must be reported immediately to those responsible 

TRR staff.

Each participant acknowledges and agrees to leave his/her ID card (ID card) for safekeeping when renting the skates, which will be issued upon return of the skates. 

In case of theft of the rented skates, the Police of the Czech Republic will be contacted. 

For hygiene reasons, everyone renting skates must wear socks.

The skates brought in must be clean and can be inspected by a responsible club staff member.

It is forbidden to bring drinks and food into the Tresor Club. All clothing and luggage must be stored in the cloakroom. The Club reserves the right to inspect bags and backpacks.

For further terms and conditions and behaviour in the club, please refer to the Tresor Club Operating Regulations.